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These books below can be obtained from Good News Books, Amazon Books and Christian book shops. Alternatively, you can contact us at contact@iamwithyou.co.uk.

Abide in my love available now in paperback.



Book by Fr John Woolley - £3.

Especially good for people who know Jesus but also for people who do not know Him.
Pending new edition.     Obtainable from Good News Books.

"In his last book, "Many Mansions", Fr. John Woolley somehow seamlessly seems to have stepped into a new realm. With one foot on earth, the other in Heaven, his words of inspiration have gracefully bridged the divide, enabling any reader who so wishes, to visit the blessed place. On every page I feel I have been taken there and given a gem, a pearl to bring back and store in my heart. One day, if and when these begin to overflow and I consider our Lord thinks it will help, I will try to set something to music. Until then and for always, Fr John, may our Lord bless you and keep you".

This inspiring book has been published recently at a bargain price of £4.99. It is not only for young people - anyone young at heart will love it! As with all the books it would make a wonderful gift.


Dla Polakow
OD 020 88832665 or contact@iamwithyou.co.uk

Childrens Books

I Am With You may be obtained in Braille from RNIB, 105 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NE. Tel. 0207 388 1266.

Mini Booklets

These booklets can be obtained free of charge from I Am With You Foundation, 2 Lauradale Road, London, N2 9LU.
A large print of I Am With You can be obtained from the above address.

Two new minis are being produced: You Are Never Alone and another on the theme of joy.


To order please contact: contact@iamwithyou.co.uk
  • Images of Love by Chris Wright £8.50 + postage and packaging. Send an email to either orders@goodnewsbooks.net or to wright3@tiscali.co.uk.
  • A new CD, Father John reading excerpts from I Am With You
  • Hidden in Jesus by Fr. John
  • Friend in a puzzling world
  • Set of 3 Cds of excerpts from I Am With You
    • Achieving
    • Friend
    • Trusting
  • Jesus loves to carry us
  • Four talks by Fr. John Woolley given at Craig Lodge Weekend, Dalmally, Scotland.
    • "God Chooses the Weak Things"
    • "The Secret Place"
    • "In His Sure Hands"
    • "Our Gaze Fixed"
    • Each CD includes all four talks. Price £3.50 including P&P or whatever people can afford.
      Talks from a retreat at Dalmally.
      Cheques to "I Am With You Fellowship". Please send to Ros Kraushar, 2 Lauradale Road, London, N2 9LU.

If these books and CDs have blessed you, you might like this blessing to be shared by others. To enable us to print more and more copies, may we ask you to send a contribution, if you are able? We have no other means of financing our mission to the many who have desperate need of the Lord. The thousands of letters coming to us show how vital this is. Please be as generous as you can, but if you cannot afford a donation, no matter; the Lord in His love will still bless you!
Donations should go to:

The Treasurer,
Lucy Walker,
I Am With You Foundation,
4 Station Road,
NR32 4QF
Tel. 01502 514964
If you wish to send a donation and are a UK tax payer, please request a gift aid form.

Translations of I Am With You

I Am With You has been translated into a number of languages and we have a limited number of editions in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Russian. We have manuscripts of full hard back edition in Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish.

If you would like to get involved in progressing these translations please contact Mrs Ros Kraushar at 2 Lauradale Road, London, N2 9LU. Tel 0208 883 2665, who would be delighted to hear from you.

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