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Extracts from "My Burden Is Light" pages

Pg 8

WHEN you feel completely unequal to your situation, do not attempt anything except simply throwing yourself upon Me.

Do not be hurried. Remain there in My arms, until My peace begins its work in your heart.

My child, I again emphasise to you that you are not meant to bear the burdens which life produces and which are My responsibility.

Whenever you surrender a situation to my working, I want you to instantaneously feel My shouldering of that which you have given to me.

Come to me... (Matthew 11.28)

Pg 76

If there has been a desperate seeking of My will, I then keep from you everything which would harm, everything which would prevent your receiving what I have in store for you.

There will always be imperfections as you strive to walk in obedience, but I want you to take heart, My child. Take heart because I over-rule those imperfections, and their consequences, where there has been an overall surrender and desire to please Me.

Yes, we will conquer together in all situations which you give to Me.

Be sure to seek first, the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 6.33)

Recordings from My Burden Is Light

The following is recorded by Father Graham Bouwer OFM of St. Benedicts Catholic Church in Mafatsana, South Africa. He has kindly recorded the whole of I Am With You and My Burden Is Light on CDs.

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Jesus on the cross

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