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The experiences readers have had of "I Am With You" make inspiring reading. Please let us know yours.

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For those who are hurting

  • Marvellous to give to people in trouble.
  • Such hope within it's pages.
  • A great support.

Abide in My love

  • Wonderful meditations.
  • Drawing people into His love.
  • Giving words beyond normal speech.
  • I love the really extravagant view of Jesus.
  • Every sentence is vital and precious.

My burden is light

  • Why do we worry?
  • So positive and helpful.
  • Everyone has burdens. This book explains how to deal with them.

Many Mansions

  • For those experiencing grief and loss. So much consolation.
  • Marvellous for funerals.
  • Heaven is real.
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We would love to quote on our website some of your experiences on an anonymous basis. Please let us know if you object to this.

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